105th ANZAC Day

105 years ago today the ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand) Corps landed on the peninsula of Gallipoli. Day one was nothing but chaos. The boats landed all up and down the coast, some a mile off the intended beach. Instead of just having a handful of observers, the Turks had a rifle company there that created havoc from the moment the first boat was spotted, then was quickly reinforced. This day would ignite the career of Kamal Ataturk, future founder of the Republic of Turkey. Into this fray the ANZAC Corps struggled mightily against not only the Turks but difficult terrain, conflicting orders, and the beating sun. 

The Landing: Gallipoli 1915 is a solo-game designed by Joe Schmidt. Joe has created a quick but challenging card game that attempts to simulate that Day 1 chaos from the perspective of an Australian Lance Corporal. This game will be on Kickstarter soon (end of summer?) and will be the first game published by Catastrophe Games. Can't wait to show off the final version!

Hellcat6 OUT!

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