FRAGORD 20-002 The Landing Goes Live!

FRAGORD 20-002                              22 SEP 2020 Somewhere in Michigan...

Situation: The Kickstarter for Joe Schmidt's game The Landing: Gallipoli 1915 is now live!

Mission: Should you choose to accept it, you may back the game now. We have a short campaign, and our printer is ready to start printing. (What does this all mean? "Back the game"? It means the game has not been produced yet, but if you want to buy it in advance you can do so now. If enough folks buy the game in advance the game will be made.)

Execution: Here's the link:


Logistics: Starts today, ends on 8 OCT.

Command and Signal: Keep in touch on our Facebook account:

That's all for now, just happy to see this finally happen! Hellcat6 OUT!

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