Welcome to Catastrophe Games and to Zurmat, our first game

This company began in April, with the selection of the website/name. We are working hard to get our first game, Zurmat, ready to launch on a Kickstarter campaign latter this year or early 2019, fingers crossed. 

Zurmat the game has been kicking around my head even before I deployed to Afghanistan. I actually used a modified version of Diplomacy as a training tool to help get our teams ready for deployment, but really wished there was something else to train with. Which eventually coalesced into the game Zurmat. 

I actually went through Zurmat 3 or 4 times during my deployment. Not much to write home about I'm afraid. One of the more dangerous districts in Eastern Afghanistan. The photo is of my truck, Motown6, a really worn out M1114, in the district of Zurmat in 2008.


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