About Us

Catastrophe Games LLC is a really small company, just a handful of folks, but we are passionate about games and history. If you couldn't tell already, while we take our games seriously, we don't mind adding a touch of whimsy in the mix as well. Games are supposed to be fun, aren't they?

Tim Densham - Commander (President)
Tim is an old Soldier who recently retired after some decades of service in both the Army and Marine Corps (he was recalled for the Gulf War, just to prove to you how old this dude is.) First board game, not counting Monopoly, was either Invasion of the Air Eaters or Squad leader. Squad Leader had a huge impact, setting up a lifetime love affair with historical games, and much later an easy 3 credits in ROTC's Small Unit Tactics class. Most of high school he was the local Dungeon Master, which actually helped more with project management than any formal course taken. Tim started volunteering and later working for Academy Games, where he learned a great deal about how the game industry works, along with some interesting words in German that cannot be repeated here in English.

Aiden Brooks - Operations Officer (S3) (Lead Game Developer)
Aiden is a tutor of philosophy, psychology, political science, and probably a few other things that he hasn't heard about yet. He gets paid too much to do far too little, and spends most of his time justifying the time he spends studying those subjects. Besides the usual games like Monopoly and Sorry, his first real board game was Pokemon Master Trainer, and yes, he is that young. Despite your best effort to knock some sense into him, he will never admit that it was actually a terrible game. After growing old enough to be trusted not to eat the pieces, his next game was Axis and Allies. That, along with a diverse selection of computer strategy games, began his (so far, quite short) lifetime love of gaming. Like Tim, he has been a Dungeon Master since his freshman year of high school, and he has probably spent more time making up fictional history than studying real history. Despite this, he still aspires to be a high school history teacher after completing graduate school. Aiden came into contact with Tim after becoming an intern for Academy Games, and joined the Catastrophe Games team during his last semester of college so that he could afford to splurge and turn the thermostat up to 58. He decided to stick around with Catastrophe Games to help pay off his student loans, so he should be with the company until about 2075.