We use Blue Panther LLC as our printer. Blue Panther is a print-on-demand printer located in California. Please plan on a two week shipping time frame as the games have to be made then shipped. Shipping to North America then is fairly easy & economical. The rest of the world...

We will be happy to ship outside North America, however it will not be cheap. We do recognize that 50% of the game market is in Europe, and as a publisher it's torture to leave that money on the table. However, just starting out we don't have enough volume to justify a local distributor picking up our games. This doesn't mean we will always operate like this, but it is where we are at right now (September 2018).


Look, you are buying a premium historical game, so you deserve premium treatment. We will do everything we can to satisfy your concerns. If not, we'll simply refund your money. Keep the game, no questions asked. 

This policy will work for 95% of the customers we serve. The rest will be a case by case basis. If it appears our policy is getting taken advantage of, we will deal with that directly and transparently. 


We have a number of games in the pipeline, but we are interested in your game IF it meets our Task and Purpose goals:

 1) 1-2 hour long games is our goal

2) Rules are easy to grok

3) Very little downtime

4) A tense mix of strategy, hidden information, and a bit of luck

(and have to be historical!)

Start by sending an email to PAO@CatastropheGames.net with an image and a 1-2 paragraph pitch of the game. If we have interest we'll work with you from there.

What's with all the military jargon???

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